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A machine for manufacturing topical drug products, with a lot of bottles in it.

Pioneering Topical Drug Product Formulation with Dow Development Laboratories

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In an ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry, the formulation of topical drug products has become a critical component in delivering effective treatment options. Topical drug product formulation is a specialized process involving the creation of semi-solid and liquid medications such as gels, creams, ointments, solutions, sprays, and suspensions, that are applied directly onto body surfaces.

Dow Development Laboratories, LLC (DDL), has positioned itself as a premier laboratory in the topical drug product formulation niche. DDL has been instrumental in formulating topical drug products that cater to a wide array of therapeutic indications, including dermatological conditions, ophthalmic issues, women’s and men’s health, pain management, wound healing, and infections.

One of the reasons why DDL stands out is its commitment to developing products that are not only therapeutically effective but are also cosmetically elegant. This encompasses a product’s appearance, smell, and feel, attributes that are vitally important as they significantly influence patient compliance.

Furthermore, DDL ensures that the products go through rigorous testing to ascertain their stability, safety, and efficacy. Through cutting-edge technology and research, DDL integrates the best excipients to ensure skin compatibility and optimize tissue penetration of the active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Dow Development Laboratories’ contribution to topical drug product formulation exemplifies innovation, quality, and patient-centric approach which makes them a leading player in the domain.

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