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Dow Development Institute

Advancing topical product research through education, collaboration and financial support

Dow Development Institute


The aim of the Dow Development Institute is to advance the science supporting topical product development and innovation through education and collaborations, and to share results of the research with industry and academia through publications such as white papers, abstracts, posters and journal articles.

Educational Opportunities

  • Dermatological Product Development Course: Current Issues for Topical Products. Presented by Dow Development Institute, and sponsored by Dow Development Laboratories. Dr. David Osborne, with a long and successful history of bringing topical drug products to market, is one of the instructors of the two-day course in Northern California. Topics include regulatory paths, nonclinical and clinical strategies, formulation development of different dosage forms, analytical methods and stability, QbD, skin permeation, patents and unique aspects of the FDA Dermatology Division.
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White Papers and Publications

  • Melinda Sutton, David W. Osborne, Kevin Dahl, Kevin Dahl, Victoria Bax, G. Alan Schick, (2018) Characterization of a Liquid Crystal Stabilized Pharmaceutical Oil-in-Water Emulsion Optimized for Skin DeliveryJournal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, Vol. 08 No. 04 (2018) Article ID 88511
  • Jason Carbol, Pia Isabel Tan, Yug Varma, David W. Osborne, (2018) Formulating Topical Products Containing Live Microorganisms as the Active Ingredient. Pharmaceutical Technology. March 2, 2018 Volume 42 Issue 3 pg 32-36.

Opportunities for Collaborations and Financial Support

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