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A laboratory beaker filled with a liquid being used in the formulation and development of topical drug products.

Advancing Health Through Topical Drug Product Development at Dow Development Laboratories

In the realm of pharmaceuticals, topical drug product development holds a special place as it focuses on creating medications that can be directly applied to the skin or mucosal membranes. This form of drug delivery has been pivotal in treating various conditions ranging from skin disorders to pain management.

Dow Development Laboratories, LLC (DDL), is at the forefront of topical drug product development. What sets DDL apart is its comprehensive approach to development, which not only includes formulation but also invaluable consulting services for clients who are new to the world of topical drugs.

The development process at DDL begins with defining a target product profile that outlines critical attributes such as cosmetic elegance, preservation, dosage form, excipients, tissue penetration, chemical stability, and scalability of manufacturing processes.

In this development phase, DDL meticulously performs solubility and excipient compatibility studies, leading to the design and development of prototype formulations. This is coupled with rigorous screening to assess physical and chemical stability under varying conditions.

DDL’s expertise extends beyond just development; they offer consulting services, guiding clients through the complex terrain of topical drug development. By providing insights on the nuances of topical versus oral or parenteral drug development, DDL supports informed decision-making for their clients.

Dow Development Laboratories’ commitment to excellence and innovation in drug product formulation continues to make them a preferred partner for pharmaceutical companies looking to make a meaningful impact in healthcare through topical medications.

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